Why Your Church Should Embrace Online Giving

According to Church Mag only 14% of Protestant churches in the United States are raising money online even though churches with online giving are earning more money. Is your church part of the 86% who haven't ventured into the realm of online giving? Are you an online giving skeptic? United Methodist Blogger Cesie Delve Scheuermann says: "It is a legitimate way of giving." Here are a few reasons why Cesie's right and why your church should consider passing the offering plate online:

1. One hundred percent of your members don't attend 100% of your services.

The reality is that not all members are present when the plate is passed every Sunday. A possible solution: The Evangelical Lutheran Church in America recommends recurring, online donations to help cure seasonal slumps.

Members who don't regularly attend services might find recurring giving options convenient. An online giving option and an email engagement strategy could also help you reconnect with members who don't regularly attend services. Reaching out to members who have lapsed in attendance and offering them another giving option could present the perfect opportunity to reengage with their church family.

2. Your congregants are already distributing funds (and doing so many other things) online.

Your congregation is already primed for online giving because:

Think of all the things your church members can do online. They can order pet supplies, schedule doctors' appointments, register for an event, and send a birthday gift to friends. But can they make a gift to their church family?

3. Raise more money with an additional form of offering.

  • Based on Network for Good's analysis of online giving in 2012, an organization's branded giving page earns, on average, $127 per donor.
  • Online giving makes it easy for church members to quickly contribute funds in a time of crisis.
  • If your church is like Oro Valley Church of the Nazarene, when you offer online giving, you have more opportunities to engage the younger, tech-savvy members and visitors (who expect the option to give online).

Now is the time to talk about online giving with your church family, so download this questionnaire and begin the discussion with your pastor, committee, or board. If you're ready to launch online giving for your church, check out Network for Good's online donation tool, DonateNow.