Help Turkey Quake Survivors

On Wednesday, November 9, a 5.7 magnitude earthquake struck southeast turkey, causing 18 buildings to fall down.  Rescue workers are searching thorugh the rubble for survivors.  This devestation follows in the wake of a 7.2 magnitude earthquake that struck the same area on Sunday, October 23, with the epicenter at the village of Tabanli, 20 kilometres north of Van city.  According to news reports, at least 600 people were killed and another 2,300 injured. Survivors of this devastating event will need help in the days, weeks and months ahead.  Please show your support and make a donation to one of the organizations providing relief.

CATHOLIC RELEIF SERVICES; Caritas will assess the needs of people whose homes or livelihoods have been impacted by the quake. To designate your gift to Disaster Relief, write “ Disaster Relief Fund” in the designation field.

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GLOBALGIVING; The Turkey Earthquake Relief Fund will support disaster recovery and relief efforts for victims of the earthquake.

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INTERNATIONAL MEDICAL CORPS; The International Medical Corps team on the ground in Ankara, Turkey is monitoring the situation. They are currently liaising with Turkish authorities via their local implementing partners to determine the extent of the damage and the potential needs in the area, and are ready to respond as needed. To designate your gift to US Disaster Relief, write “US Disaster Relief Fund” in the designation field.

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SHELTERBOX; ShelterBox is liaising with the Turkish Red Crescent Society and other local contacts to provide tents and other needed supplies.

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AMERICAN JEWISH JOINT DISTRIBUTION COMMITTEE; JDC is working with its local partners — including Turkey's Jewish Community and the International Blue Crescent (IBC) — to ensure the victims' immediate needs are addressed. Responding to wide-spread destruction and harsh conditions in the Van province, JDC will be distributing heaters to quake victims on the ground. A JDC expert scoping team is imminently heading to the affected region.

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