Built-In Fundraising Strategy and Best Practices

Become a better fundraiser with DonateNow

DonateNow is not just an online donation processing service, it's built to make you a better fundraiser with fundraising expertise and elements that encourage donors to give more. DonateNow includes all of the key fundraising best practices to benefit you and your donors.

DonateNow offers step-by-step guidance for each feature, so you have our expertise at your fingertips as you create your page and build your fundraising campaigns.

DonateNow takes the guesswork out of online fundraising.

DonateNow's built-in fundraising coaching includes:

  • in-page fundraising tips help you optimize your page and get more donationsDonateNow's Fundraising Tips
  • our Fundraising Library that's easily accessible every step of the way with relevant resources, expert advice and examples
  • baked-in best practices for mobile and social features
  • research-backed recommendations on what to add and what to leave out
  • page progress indicators let you know when your page is good, great or out of this world
  • set a fundraising goal and we'll help you track your progress, send reminders and offer tips for improving your campaign performance
  • automatic email receipts and thank DonateNow's Fundraising Libraryyou emails (with tips on how to customize them!)

All this in a hosted and secure online donation page that features your nonprofit's brand, detailed reporting and easy-to-use editing tools, so you can update your page any time you wish.

Raise more money and improve your fundraising strategy with DonateNow.


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