More Charities Help With Japan Quake & Tsunami Relief

Additional organizations are preparing response efforts in Japan and the Pacific region in the wake of the 8.9 magnitude earthquake and tsunami.  Please consider supporting their efforts.  Click on the organization name to make a donation.


All Hands Volunteers; We have a team on the ground and will be helping with relief, clean up and recovery efforts. We are a volunteer based disaster response organization that focuses on cleanup, recovery and rebuild efforts.

American Committee for KEEP, Inc.; Supporting KEEP's Anshin Forest Project to provide lodging, meals, and supplies to homeless families with preschool children at our facility in Kiyosato, Yamanashi (220 miles from Tohoku). The Anshin Forest Project is offering a safe and comfortable place for families to stay and plan their next steps in recovering from the disaster.

AMERICA CONTINENTAL 2000Calling for volunteers through We need Heavy Equipment Operators for debris removal, Structural Engineers for damage assessments, and inspections in Japan. Waiting for response from KOMAT’SU to see if our heavy equipment operator volunteers can use their heavy equipment and also waiting for response from Japan Air Lines to see if we can get air tickets for our volunteers and air freight support for medical supplies.

AMERICAN JEWISH COMMITTEE; Supporting the efforts of IsraAID, a leading Israeli non-governmental relief organization that is dispatching first responders to provide rescue and medical assistance.

ARCHITECTURE FOR HUMANITY; On a grassroots level, the greatest impact we can make is to focus on specific small scale building projects for local community organizations. These 'urban acupuncture' projects create a ripple effect of social cohesion and change. As we raise more funds we will green light additional centers. It is our aim to raise $200,000 to build the first of these projects.

BAPTIST WORLD ALLIANCE; Responding with assistance through our international First Responder team and working with our four member bodies in Japan to give relief irrespective of tribe, caste, color or religion.

BROTHER’S BROTHER FOUNDATION; In cooperation with the Japan-American Society of Pennsylvania (JASP) will respond to requested needs of the residents of Japan.

CATHOLIC MEDICAL MISSION BOARD; Working with a consortium of faith-based organizations to help in Japan. At present, the consortium is sending someone to Japan to assess needs. Once we know what is most needed, we will respond with medicines and medical supplies.

CHARITY MUSIC; In response to the loss of musical instruments caused by the recent disaster in Japan, Charity Music is preparing to provide long term musical needs to the young student earthquake survivors.

CHURCH WORLD SERVICE; Prepared to support efforts of partners there, including the National Christian Council of Japan and the United Church of Christ of Japan, both of which are planning relief efforts. CWS will mobilize support to Japanese aid groups that are on the ground, filling critical gaps in meeting the basic needs of survivors in and around evacuation sites.

CITIIMPACT MINISTRIES; Direct relief efforts in partnership with World Vision, International Aid and many others.  We engage churches, schools, businesses in partnership to bring Help & Hope to those who need it in life crises.

Community Charitable Service Center;  Working with Missionaries of Guadalupe, based in Cathedral of Sandai, Japan.  With the funds we raise, we will be able buy and ship preventive products to the local group there who will see that the products gets to the hands of the intended people. 

DISASTER ACCOUNTABILITY PROJECT; DAP utilizes critical independent oversight to improve the effectiveness of aid and relief so donated dollars save more lives.

EDGE OUTREACH; Provides training and equipment to individuals seeking to address water and sanitation problems in third world countries and disaster situations.  EDGE's doors are open to train and equip people to deploy a simple disaster-response water system that can produce up to 10,000 gallons of safe water per day using the water available, a handful of salt, and a car battery.  Donations coming to EDGE designated for Japan relief will be used to provide training and equipment.

ELCA; ELCA Disaster Response is working through local partners to assess the situation and plan a more long-term recovery and rehabilitation strategy while we respond to the urgent need of food and water to communities most affected in the Sendai and Fukushima prefectures.   The ELCA, along with predecessor churches has worked in Japan since 1892. Currently, there are 22 missionaries serving in Japan in the areas of education, theological training and social services.

FARM HANDS INC; We request a funding partner or sponsor to send a team of PsychMedics to Japan to provide emotional trauma response.

FEED THE CHILDREN; Closely monitoring the situation and has been in contact with the Japanese Embassy. We are standing ready and preparing to respond if our assistance is requested.

FEED THE HUNGRY; Through direct fund transfers FTH will provide immediately needed items like potable water and ready-to-eat foods (ramen noodles, nut bars, etc.); containerized shipments of relief supplies will be dispatched for continued relief/recovery operations.

FUEL RELIEF FUND; Planning to provide temporary fuel assistance to the victims in a recently stricken disaster area.  The initial plan is to take a 500 to 1000 gallons tanker truck to go into the most devastated areas to help fuel generators and equipment for victims.

Give2Asia; In times of disaster, Give2Asia funds local charitable groups working within affected communities. Give2Asia has worked with over 52 corporations and over 20 foundations to support relief and recovery projects for 22 disasters across Asia. For example, following the 2008 earthquake in China's Sichuan Province, Give2Asia raised US$ 16.9 million in aid for survivors. In response to the disaster in Japan, our organization has created a fund accepting contributions from the public.

GIVING CHILDREN HOPE; Currently contacted partners on the ground in Japan to assess greatest needs and how to best respond. GCHope will send relief items as soon as possible to these partners. We are also equipping relief teams to hand-carry hygiene products and emergency items into Japan to distribute to communities most affected.

GOOD NEIGHBORS; Good Neighbors USA is using a budget of $100,000 to start emergency relief efforts in partnership with Good Neighbors Japan.  Good Neighbors Japan is assessing the damage and researching the affected areas, and its 12 staff members and countless volunteers will distribute food and emergency kits to the people of Japan.  One emergency kit is $50.

HEART TO HEART INTERNATIONAL; Preparing to ship medical supplies as part of the humanitarian response.

H.E.L.P.; Provide direct relief in medical aid and water purification as well as solar powered tactical communications for aid groups.

HUMANITY FIRST USA; Dispatched its first response team to provide immediate relief in the form of food and medical assistance, and is in constant communication with Humanity First Japan.

K.I.D.S.; In the hours following the record-breaking quake, K.I.D.S. alerted both its corporate and individual donors with a call for support. Urgently needed items, such as vitamins, water, blankets, undergarments, baby items and apparel are being collected and K.I.D.S. is working with its not-for-profit partners to ensure that shipments quickly reach affected children and families.  They will use financial gifts to help deliver product donations to shelters and agency partners in Northern Japan.

KIDS AGAINST HUNGER; We are currently in talks with the U.S. Navy to arrange shipping and have containers of food ready to send to Japan. Donate now to help us fill up the next container.

MATTHEW 25: MINISTRIES; Prepared to launch disaster relief efforts immediately if locally and regionally based partners request assistance, or if the magnitude of the disaster is beyond the capabilities of local and regional relief organizations.

PETYA I. EDWARDS FOUNDAION; Dedicated to delivering on this mission and showing our support and love through donations; whether it be in the form of money, of non-perishable food or bottled water, or clothes that are so desperately needed by the Japanese people who have been affected by this horrible natural disaster.

PROJECT HOPE; Responding in with Emergency Kits, as the organization already has a presence in the country through Project HOPE Japan.  As a first-responder, Project HOPE will not only be able to respond efficiently, but also provide on-the-ground assessments of needs to our Humanitarian Assistance team.

REACH OUT AMERICA; Organizing our efforts in a long term effort designed to last for approximately one year. For example: In the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans, Louisiana, ROA rebuilt 48 homes and donated more than $1 Million dollars of GIK over the course of two years. 

ROSE CHARITIES; AMDA Canada – a division of Rose Charities – is collecting funds to support the AMDA Japan emergency relief teams in North Japan . AMDA Canada is the branch of AMDA in Japan, one of Japans largest local NGO's. If was founded in Okayama City 30 years ago.  AMDA specializes in Emergency Relief with around 200 relief missions carried out to date. Three AMDA medical teams are now in the Senai area assisting; they first arrived within 24 hours of the disaster.

SEARCH DOG FOUNDATION; Six Canine Disaster Search Teams trained by the Search Dog Foundation have been deployed to Japan to search devastated areas for survivors.

SOLDIERS’ ANGELS; We collected almost one ton of supplies, and over $60,000 to help Japan.  Thank you so much!  Everything has been sent and the Marines are very grateful to have supplies to give to the families and children affected--all because you cared.  Our thoughts and prayers are with Japan.  For the next 10 days, Soldiers’ Angels is focusing its operations on supporting our troops and their families, along with our close allies/friends in Japan through “Operation Tenshi/Operation Angel.”  Soldiers' Angels is collecting financial donations and the following products for our troops, families and friends in Japan: hygiene, blankets, calling cards, food and stuffed animals.

SOMEBODY CARES; Will provide relief through local churches and non-profit organizations on the ground.  This relief may include food and nutrition, health care, trauma and grief counseling, temporary shelter, and other specific items as requested.

VANSFORVETS.ORG; Providing direct financial assistance, free emergency travel assistance, counseling and referrals to Applicants affected by this disaster. 

WORLD CARE; Collaborating with FEMA Region 9 to manage civilian volunteers and supply aid to affected regions if needed. Region 9 includes  Hawaii, California, Arizona, Nevada, Guam, the North Mariana Islands, the  Republic of Marshall Islands, Federal State of Micronesia, and American  Samoa.

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