Hurricane Sandy

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Please donate now to the charities that provided relief to those affected by the superstorm and are now working on Sandy recovery. You can also text SANDY to 80888 to make a $10 donation evenly distributed across the American Red Cross, AmeriCares and the Salvation Army.

Give Where Needed Most

Your gift to the Center for Disaster Philanthropy’s Disaster Recovery Fund supports a range of needs before, during, and after a disaster, ensuring every dollar meets its maximum potential. This results in faster recovery and an increasingly resilient future for disaster-affected communities. donate now

AMERICAN RED CROSS; The Red Cross quickly opened 112 overnight shelters in 9 states, secured more than 230,000 shelf-stable meals, and deployed more than 1,300 trained Red Cross workers to the areas where they’re needed most. Designate your gift to 'National Disaster Relief'.

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AMERICARES; In contact with regional partners, AmeriCares sent emergency kits and medical supplies to families in the Hurricane's path. Designate your gift to the 'U.S. Disaster Relief Fund'.

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Monthly Giving

Charities need your support in the months ahead; choose monthly giving to spread your donation our over the year.  Learn More

BEST FRIENDS ANIMAL SOCIETY; This nonprofit assisted local rescue groups faced with protecting animals in harm’s way and aided local authorities and national groups engaged in the Sandy relief effort. Designate your gift to 'Rescue'.

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COVENANT HOUSE; The Atlantic City Boardwalk, on and beneath, has been Covenant House's first stop each night for 20 years to find the homeless kids seeking refuge. Due to the hurricane, Covenant House had to evacuate the kids to emergency shelter further inland. Children were moved multiple times to keep them safe from the storm and the aftermath. Now Covenant House wants to bring them home to a safe, dry, nurturing space where they can continue to work to achieve their dreams.

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DIRECT RELIEF INTERNATIONAL; Provided support to community clinics, non-profit health centers, and other groups in areas affected by Hurricane Sandy. Designate your gift to 'Hurricane Sandy Response'.

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HEART TO HEART INTERNATIONAL; This nonprofit's mobile medical unit was positioned at a Red Cross shelter in Long Island and used medical volunteers to provide medical assistance to the 150 evacuees. Heart to Heart International also delivered hygiene kits to evacuation centers in New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania. Designate your gift to 'Global Crisis Response Fund'.

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KIDS IN DISTRESSED SITUATIONSK.I.D.S mobilized its resources to respond to the need for new products (apparel, blankets, shoes, toys, baby products, and books) for children and families affected by the superstorm. Designate your gift to 'Hurricane Sandy Disaster Relief Fund'.

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MATTHEW 25: MINISTRIES; In coordination with Cincinnati-based Procter & Gamble, this nonprofit sent truckloads of aid to victims of the superstorm. Designate your gift to ‘Disaster Relief’.

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THE SALVATION ARMY; The Salvation Army officers and volunteers established and operated feeding units all across the East Coast. Designate your gift to '2012 Hurricane Relief Efforts'.

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SAVE THE CHILDREN; By mobilizing staff and resources to hardest-hit areas of New Jersey, Save the Children addressed children's needs in the aftermath of this 'superstorm'. Designate your gift to '2012 Hurricane Sandy Children in Emergency Fund'.

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WORLD VISION; World Vision pre-positioned over a thousand kits of relief supplies in its New York City warehouse, and distributed the contents to those in need. Designate your gift to the 'US Disaster Response Fund'.

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ACUPUNCTURISTS WITHOUT BORDERS(AWB) ; We are currently organizing a growing list of volunteers and are seeking venues where we can provide acupuncture services in in New York City, Long Island and New Jersey. Our treatments are free and available to all who need them. We are committed to helping the primary survivors of traumatic events, as well as emergency responders, relief workers and others affected by the emergency. Please designate your donation to 'Hurricane Sandy Disaster'.

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BROOKLYN WATERFRONT ARTISTS COALITION (BWAC) ; Our profound thanks to the 100 generous volunteers who worked so hard, bailing us out from under almost 6 feet of water damage. Because of your efforts, we were able to remove tons of sopping wet sheet rock and fill a 30 yard dumpster with debris in a record two hours. We still need your help. Please come join us, or help by donating through the website.

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DUMBO IMPROVEMENT DISTRICT ; Your contribution will go towards aiding the recovery of DUMBO district area businesses affected by Hurricane Sandy, including Galapagos Art Space, Governor, One Girl Cookies, Aegir Board Works, 66 Water Street, Almondine, powerHouse Arena, Punto Bianco, Smack Mellon, Rabbit Hole Studios and more.

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PORTSIDE NEW YORK ; PortSide has set up a "Apply for Aid" pop-up at 351 Van Brunt 9am-6pm where Red Hook businesses and residents can get info on how to apply for aid from FEMA, SBA etc. and actually do it.

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Charity Navigator's Tips For Giving In Times Of Crisis

  • Give To An Established Charity

Don't let an unscrupulous charity take advantage of your goodwill. Find a charity with a proven track record of success with dealing with the type of disaster and in the region in which the disaster occurred. Avoid fly-by-night charities created specifically to deal with the new crisis. Even well-meaning new organizations will not have the infrastructure and knowledge of the region to efficiently maximize your gift. If you do feel compelled to give to a new charity, be sure to get proof that the group is in fact a registered public charity with 501 (c) (3) status.

  • Designate Your Gift

Worried that your donation will go towards the charity's general operating fund or saved for a future crisis? This is a very understandable concern. Many charities do encourage donors not to designate their gifts so that the charity can decide how best to utilize the money, but depending on your confidence in the charity's ability to make that determination, you may want to tell the charity exactly how to use your gift. By designating your gift, you'll ensure that your donation will be used as you intended. Most charities with online giving portals offer a check box feature so that you can tell the organization how to spend your contribution. If you are mailing in a check, then write a note in the memo section of the check specifying that you want your gift spent entirely on the current crisis.

  • Avoid Telemarketers

Be wary of fundraisers who pressure you to make a contribution over the phone. Never divulge your credit card information to someone soliciting you via the phone. Instead, ask the fundraiser to send you written information about the charity they represent and do some research on your own. Once you feel comfortable with the charity, send the organization a check directly in the mail, or give through their website, thus ensuring 100% of your gift goes to the charity and not the for-profit fundraiser.
Read Charity Navigator's Guide to Handling Telephone Appeals

  • Research And Follow Up

As always, take the time to find a charity you can trust. Use our free financial evaluations to search for well-run charities worthy of your support. And be sure to follow up with the charity in a few months to find out (a) how your donation was put to use and (b) if the organization needs additional support to complete the recovery effort.

  • Give Online

The inherent speed of online giving provides instant gratification to donors and offers charities immediate access to much needed funds. At Charity Navigator with the simple click of a mouse you can make a secure online gift to the charities we rate. Each transaction is processed by Network for Good, a trusted industry leader for online giving. Network for Good handled $24.5 million in contributions following the 2004 tsunami, Hurricane Katrina and the Pakistan Earthquakes.

Reprinted with the permission of Charity Navigator,, America's leading independent charity evaluator.



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