Dec 19, 2011

Half of Charities Say Holiday Giving Season Has Been Happy

The Chronicle of Philanthropy

By Noelle Barton and Raymund Flandez

With less than two weeks left before the holiday giving seasons ends, many charities have already raised more compared with 2010—and some are even expecting a windfall, a new Chronicle poll finds.

Fifty-four percent told The Chronicle that they raised more money in November and the first part of December than they had at this point last year. One out of five of the 152 organizations in the survey said contributions are outpacing last year’s donations by 20 percent or more.

That is one reason so many groups expect 2011 to end well. Nearly six out of 10 charities predicted they would close out the year with an overall gain in donations, while 28 percent said donations would drop this year. But even though results are stronger than a year ago, not all nonprofits are celebrating. Many groups say demand for aid is rising faster than giving, and 41 percent said contributions are not as robust as they were before the recession started in 2007.

Part of a Trend

Groups that reported increases attributed them not just to the recovering economy but also to creative twists in online appeals and efforts to show their impact more vividly to donors.

The positive results in The Chronicle’s poll are in line with what many in the nonprofit world are reporting.

Network for Good, a giving portal that allows donors to contribute to any charity in the country, says donations in November grew by 16 percent over the same month in 2010. So far, giving this month has risen 12 percent from the same point in December 2010.

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