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Help animals and wildlife threatened by the oil spill

Greenpeace USA


A massive oil slick caused by the BP oil drilling platform explosion in the Gulf of Mexico has reached the U.S. Gulf Coast. Efforts are already underway to protect sensitive ecological areas. Many organizations are preparing to mobilize along the Gulf coast from Louisiana to Florida to help rescue animals and wildlife. The potential flooding poses a serious threat to fisherman's livelihoods, marine habitats, beaches, wildlife and human health.

Donate to one of the charities below that is preparing to help with the clean-up efforts or search for volunteer opportunities.

For updated information on how to get involved with response efforts by EarthShare and its member charities, click here.


Alabama Coastal Foundation: Recruiting volunteers for cleanup efforts along the Alabama coast

Atchafalaya Basinkeeper: Monitoring and documenting the effects of the oil spill on our coastal wetland ecosystems and reporting our findings to other NGOs and the media. We are also working to get non-government organizations to play a more active role in the wildlife rescue efforts.

National Audubon Society: Monitoring the impact of the oil spill and recruiting volunteers for the conservation challenges that lie ahead

Mobile Baykeeper: Recruiting volunteers to respond anywhere along the Gulf Coast, if needed

 Defenders of Wildlife: Urging the public to help prevent another drilling disaster through advocacy

 Emerald CoastKeeper: Gathering volunteer crews ready to help clean up efforts

Coalition To Restore Coastal Louisiana: Registering volunteers to assist with spill recovery efforts

Greenpeace USA: Defending our oceans and protecting our environment from toxic pollution like the recent oil spill

Louisiana Wildlife Rehabilitators Association: Advocates for preserving Louisiana's battered coastal ecosystem

Louisiana Environmental Action Network: Coordinating communication among local citizens, government and gulf fishermen to address the local environmental problems like the oil spill


Oxfam: Working closely with local residents and community groups preparing to immediately mobilize for recovery efforts and to help vulnerable communities prepare for the coming challenges

Save Our Seabirds: Looking for volunteers and support as its response team prepares to help oiled wildlife

Wildlife Sanctuary of Northwest Florida: Ready to mobilize and provide appropriate care to injured or orphaned indigenous wildlife

Photo is from Flickr by Greenpeace USA 2010