Good Card Design & Formats

What People Are Saying: Better than stuff!

"Thanks for the Good Card. It's a thoughtful gift. I certainly didn't need another necktie, a sweater, a pair of socks, a stocking cap, gloves, a pair of Norwegian cross-country ski poles, a personalized beer mug, a coon tail for my truck, a gold fish with a matching bowl, or a life-time subscription to Birkenstock Farmer."
"This is the best gift EVER!!! Not only will I have a ball spending this, I now have the perfect gift for others."
"Thank you.  I give to many charities, but it's difficult to justify when we have none to very little coming in.  This will allow me to feel better about giving."

Give the Gift of Charity

If you're looking for that perfect gift to give to someone you care about, our charity gift cards are a fantastic gift option.

The Good Card is a charity gift card redeemable as a donation over 1 million charities. You can send cards however you want. The best part is Good Cards are quick and easy to order and meaningful to receive.

You Choose the Amount ... They Choose the Cause

The Good Card is the perfect way to celebrate holidays. Why? Your friends and family each have a favorite cause. When you give charity gift cards, you show passion for the cause important to them. 

How much is a Good Card?

Donation amount per card (whole dollar amount between $10 and $250) + $5.00 handling fee per card. Most people order between 2-4 cards at $50 each.

Note: Good Cards expire 6 months from the date of purchase.

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