Online Fundraising Insights and Resources

Free nonprofit ebooks: Learn how to be a better fundraiser with these in-depth guides to online fundraising, building donor relationships, email marketing, fundraising events, and more! Download these free resources full of practical advice from our sector's leading experts.

In this guide we’ll walk you through the steps, formulas, and exercises you need to create a proper roadmap that will help you hit (or exceed!) your fundraising goals.
The State of Storytelling—using the results from an in-depth survey given to more than 400 nonprofits—identifies trends in storytelling and makes key recommendations that can help nonprofits get better results from telling their own stories.
Your donors will be bombarded with end-of-year emails from organizations other than yours this December. How do you cut through the clutter and make sure they’re inspired to support your work? By writing a heartfelt, impactful, and memorable appeal. And we'll make it easy for you.
There can be a lot involved in putting together a stellar, multi-channel, year-end campaign, so this guide will help get you on the right track to hit your year-end fundraising out of the park.
Recruiting your board members to be social fundraisers is an easy way to get your most valuable supporters involved with fundraising. Be sure you're doing all you can to make your board's social fundraising campaign the best it can be by reviewing your plan with this free checklist.