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While Christmas trees and menorahs may be meaningful to your customers and employees on a personal level, we have a better way for your company to capitalize on the holiday spirit. Delight your audience at the end of the year with our no-fail plan.
Who knew saying thank you had so much power? This short eGuide provides quick tips on how to foster brand loyalty, increase employee engagement, and galvanize action around a particular cause.
In the wake of a disaster, public support pours in within the first few days; consumers and employees look to your company for guidance on how to help, and where to donate. This eGuide will teach you how to use that support, provide guidance to those in need, and demonstrate your impact.
An illustration of how people gave to aid Hurricane Sandy relief featuring a timeline of the donation response, popular donation channels, and the top charities receiving funds.
We've illustrated how online donors have evolved over the past decade. More people than ever are giving with technology—and key signs that online donations have gone mainstream are the prevalence of disaster relief gifts and the dropping average donations.