Giving Insights for Companies

How are you using your cause to recruit and retain Millennials? Energize the workforce’s youngest talent using the best aspects of social enterprise.
Blue Cross Blue Shield North Carolina wanted to embed rewards into its employee-led political action committee. By adding Good Cards—gift cards for charity—as a matching contribution gift, the healthcare provider gave employees the opportunity to deepen their community involvement.
HP had a dilemma. The world's largest technology company focusing on product innovation for the cloud, security, and big data, wanted to create a personalized volunteer experience that rewarded employees for their service. The solution? Rewarding engaged employees with a charitable gift card.
We understand more than ever how people think—and that means we have a better chance of inspiring them to act. Find out what that means for your next cause marketing campaign with this free guide.
This is a must read if you’re looking for the tools to promote employee involvement in social good projects. Discover the case for cause, an explanation on how social impact programs increase internal engagement and affect the bottom line, and tactics to implement these trends.