About the Donation Page Grader

The Donation Page Grader is a series of 10 simple questions that can help you assess whether or not your online donation experience adheres to fundraising and usability best practices. Here’s some more insight into the donation pages aspects we included in the quiz.

Branded design
When a donation page looks and feels like a nonprofit's website and campaign materials, donors give more. At Network for Good, we've found that branded donation pages raise more money and have higher average donation amounts than their generic counterparts.

Recurring giving
Offering well-positioned recurring gift options allows you to raise more money over time, especially from younger donors. Offer a monthly giving program that includes a special status or incentive to join.

Transaction fee coverage
Online donations are subject to bank and credit card processing fees, just like any other transaction. Donors understand that this is a normal part of the convenience of online giving. When given the option, we find that most donors will cover the fee by adding a little more to their donation total. This is a great way to defray the overall cost processing money online.

Compelling images
Humans are visual creatures and emotionally engaging photos help to keep donors in the moment of generosity. Tip: Keep it simple and use only one picture that quickly portrays your mission and the impact a donation will have. Ideally, this photo should feature a single subject—such as a person or an animal—looking straight into the camera.

Call to action
Create a sense of urgency by telling donors exactly what they want them to do and why it matters. Remember: the most effective calls to action are short, clear, and are easy to visualize doing.

Social sharing
Did you know 73% of online adults in the United States use some form of social media? The average person has about 200 contacts on social media, so encourage donors to spread the word about your cause by giving them easy tools to send messages via email and social networks. People are more likely to give when asked by a trusted peer.

Mobile optimization
Make it easy for supporters to give in the moment when they're inspired. With 56% of people in the United States owning smartphones, pages optimized for mobile will allow more donors to give anytime, anywhere.

Analytics and tracking
It's important for fundraisers to understand how their online efforts are performing so they can adjust and optimize from one campaign to the next. A good donation page will offer web analytics, as well as key reports on donation volume, donor history, and giving preferences.

Post-donation experience
Once donors have completed their donation, your online donation page should take donors to a customized thank you page where they can find out more about your mission. Your page should also enable you to send automatic, personalized thank yous and receipts.

One page form
The key to online fundraising success is to make the process as quick and easy as possible. Requiring too many clicks to get to your form—or too many steps to complete a donation—is likely to result in a high rate of abandonment. Keep your form as simple as possible, and don't force donors to register to make a one-time gift.

There are many things to consider when creating a great online donation page. These are just a few of the ones we find many organizations often overlook. Need a tool that can help you solve these issues? Learn more about DonateNow.