The Ultimate Donation Page Course

Online fundraising continues to grow. To get the most out of your digital campaigns, you need an optimized donation page that inspires donors to give more.

This free course will show you how to raise more online by creating an amazing donation page that follows online fundraising and conversion best practices.

5 Weeks to a Better Donation Page that Raises More Money!

Improve your donation page and convert more donors.

Free training and expert advice from the donation page pros!

What is it?

In this free online course, you’ll learn the secrets to creating compelling and effective donation pages that convert more donors and raise more money. The online fundraising experts from Network for Good will guide you through the best practices of donation pages. Each of the 10 free lessons will give you:

  • Step-by-step explanations of key online conversion techniques
  • Real examples to show you how it’s done
  • Curated resources for further exploration
  • Practical action items you can implement immediately

Each lesson should take no more than 20 minutes to complete, and in less than 6 weeks, you’ll have a killer online donation page. For real.


The Truth About Donation Pages

Learn why all donation pages aren’t created equal and why this matters.


Constructing a Proper Donation Page

The layout of your donation page can make or break your online fundraising results. Find out why.


Elements of Donation Page Design

From choosing the right image to branding your page, the right design elements are crucial for creating an effective giving experience.


Calls to Action that Get Results

Make sure donors know exactly what to do and why it matters when they land on your donation page.


Giving Options that Make a Difference

Learn which giving options will help you increase donations for your cause—and which may actually depress giving.


The Brain Science Behind Online Giving

Want to know what really goes on in a donor's mind? Learn how basic psychology can help you create a better donation page.


The Mechanics of Testing and Tracking

To get your donor-facing page exactly right, you need to understand the best practices of measuring and testing your donation page.


Optimizing Special Campaigns

Different campaigns need different treatment. Find out how to use your special circumstances to guide your donation page set up.


The Wonders of a Great Post-Donation Experience

What happens after a donation is made is just as important as securing the gift.


How to Get More People to Your Page

What good is a donation page if no one is visiting it? Get the lowdown on getting people to your page.

This course features examples from Network for Good's DonateNow branded donation pages. Learn more about DonateNow.

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The Ultimate Donation Page Course was fantastic, full of relevant information, and presented in nice easy chunks.

Ann Wilkinson, President, Sitka Community Hospital Foundation



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