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Enabling Online Giving: A Logical Extension of the National Catholic Reporter’s Strategy

National Catholic Reporter

The National Catholic Reporter, an independent reader-supported news source, sees online giving as a logical extension of its mission and engagement strategy. Having recognized the importance of online engagement and fundraising early on, NCR has built a strong community of donors who cover a major portion of the nonprofit’s operating expenses. Two major annual campaigns plus DonateNow links and smart email outreach create a well-honed strategy for successful online fundraising.

Online engagement and fundraising have a learning curve. Use the capabilities that DonateNow provides, and evolve your strategy as you begin to see results. —Connie Stucki, director of development, National Catholic Reporter

The National Catholic Reporter (NCR) is an independent, reader-supported news source providing extensive coverage and commentary about issues affecting the church and its community. NCR provides avenues for expression of diverse perspectives, promoting tolerance and respect for differing ideas. Readers are offered subscription-based biweekly print and e-reader editions with full content, as well as a selection of free online content. As an independent voice, NCR depends on donors to help fund and advance its mission.

Fundraising Takeaways

  • If you haven’t included online giving as part of your nonprofit’s overall fundraising strategy, start now! There is a learning curve, but you can succeed by being persistent and taking advantage of Network for Good’s resources and capabilities.
  • Get everyone in your organization involved in online engagement. They can offer stories, videos, even podcasts sharing success stories and reasons for giving with your constituents.
  • Set goals based on prior years’ campaigns. Consistency and persistence will pay off over time. Network for Good’s online tools help you learn what’s working and what’s not, so you can fine-tune your plan as you go.

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