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From Lite to Heavy Duty Fundraising

Project Renewal finds success with a robust online giving solution.

Project Renewal

Project Renewal is the leading nonprofit in New York City providing everything homeless men and women need to rebuild their lives with renewed health, homes, and jobs. A steady stream of donations is important to be able to provide a new start to those in need of medical attention, counseling and employment services. For a critical mission like theirs, a dependable donation solution is a must.

In 2011, Project Renewal upgraded from Network for Good’s Lite service to DonateNow, shifting from an ecommerce style of online fundraising to a fully branded online donation page. The switch has increased the organization’s fundraising results from $19,000 a year before the change to $35,000 in 2011 and $47,500 in 2013.  That means more homeless New Yorkers are moving from the streets to health, homes and jobs.

Fundraising Takeaways

  • Giving donors an easy way to quickly make a gift online can result in more money for your mission.
  • A branded online donation page helps keep donors in the emotional experience of giving.
  • Tell great success stories to show the impact your donors have had.

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