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DonateNow Makes Giving Easy and Boosts Repeat Giving

DonateNow Is the Ideal One-Click Solution for Adoption Advocates International

Adoption Advocates International

Adoption Advocates International succeeds in fundraising by engaging its donor base and leveraging the worldwide reputation it has created and nurtured over the past 30 years. AAI’s work with vulnerable children draws people to its site and spurs them to give online with DonateNow, a one-click fundraising solution that offers plenty of other useful tools as well.

We wanted a one-click online solution like DonateNow that would streamline the donation process. —Jill Dole, Sponsorship and Development Coordinator, Adoption Advocates International

Adoption Advocates International (AAI) has guided families on their adoption journey for the past 30 years. The nonprofit places special emphasis on the world’s most vulnerable children and focuses on ethics in adoption and child welfare, teamwork, and open communication.

Jill Dole, AAI’s sponsorship and development coordinator, says they signed up with DonateNow because they wanted a one-click online solution that would streamline the donation process, as opposed to asking donors to mail checks. She adds that NFG’s webinars provide the training nonprofits like AAI need to help them succeed.

Because of AAI’s worldwide reputation, they came to DonateNow with a strong base of supporters, including parents who have adopted children through them. Encouraging repeat online giving is made easy with DonateNow. AAI staffers send monthly newsletters to several thousand members and targeted emails to specific groups such as constituents who are in the process of adopting a child. They also run quarterly pledge drives and an end-of-year Christmas campaign. DonateNow links appear in nearly all of their emails. Dole particularly likes the email donation notifications for canceled recurring donations, which give her a heads-up to reach out and learn why they stopped giving.

Fundraising Takeaways

  • Participate in Network for Good's Nonprofit 911 fundraising training webinars.
  • Set up email notifications to find out who your new donors are.
  • Use notifications about canceled recurring donations as a heads-up for outreach.
  • Make use of reporting to identify longtime recurring donors. Contact those donors and give them a special thank you.

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