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8 hours 10 min ago
5 stars. As a plant ecologist, I started to volunteer for the New England Wild Flower Society almost 20 years ago because I thought they were doing important work that few others do. Not only do they carry out first rate research, but they educate the public about its importance. Now that I'm a board member, I'm even more impressed with their work. And I'm glad to be able to support the Society...

Review of Seneca Family of Agencies by Sam31

8 hours 17 min ago
4 stars. I am a new board member of Kimship so it is difficult for me to offer anything to help. However, I must say that after one board meeting and one visit to Kimship and one to Canyon Acres facilities, and visiting with two of the staff leaders, I could not possibly be more impressed with what the organization brings forth to our community and to those in the community who need their assis...

Review of The Art of Elysium by Jenethen

8 hours 39 min ago
5 stars. I have been privileged to have the Art of Elysium directly affect my family. I have attended many of their benefits in which volunteers are joyfully making art, face painting, singing, and drumming with children who have more challenges in their young lives then I can imagine. The pure joy which is generated by all participants is inspiring. This is my favorite local charity to which w...

Review of AMIGOS DE JESUS by topgod

8 hours 51 min ago
5 stars. Amigos de Jesus is a wonderful place to help children in need in Honduras. Become a Padrone and help Fr Den and his people.

Review of Siloam Ministries, Inc. by topgod

8 hours 56 min ago
5 stars. Siloam changed my life for the better! I found everything very welcoming and safe.

Review of Alicia Rose Victorious Foundation by belzdiane

9 hours 1 min ago
5 stars. When I first started volunteering with ARVF I was not sure what to expect. They were in the middle of a transition with staff and the Executive Director and co-founder was looking for expertise in Human Resources, strategic planning, etc. Having spent my career in the private, for profit sector there was some skepticism. Within a week I was converted to the power of focused, passionate...

Review of CJ Acres Animal Rescue Farm by Andres G.

9 hours 17 min ago
5 stars. Great organization. Many rescued farm animals that are taken care for. Its also a great place to visit and enjoy a tour of the facilities when they have one :-)

Review of Project Walk Orlando by DOlivia

9 hours 19 min ago
5 stars. I have watched Project Walk Orlando evolve, from idea to success, as a result of necessity and determination by my cousin Liza Perla. After her daughter Amanda suffered quadriplegic injuries as the result of a car accident, her mother researched every therapy to get her daughter the best help possible. She did find it at Project Walk in California. The therapy and support that Amanda f...


9 hours 23 min ago
5 stars. Charles River Clean Up Boat is the most effective non-profit organization I know. It operates almost entirely on volunteer effort , and with donated equipment and a lot of volunteer energy it cleans the Charles River of floating trash that has blown in, been thrown in, or washed into the river from storm drains along the river's length. The Clean Up Boat operates four days a week from ...


9 hours 24 min ago
5 stars. A wonderful place to see & learn the past of Stone Harbor. Charming but very small. They sure could use more space to exhibit their many interesting items. Don't miss this.

Review of NEW ENGLAND WILD FLOWER SOCIETY by deirdre.kimball

9 hours 27 min ago
5 stars. I've been involved at the New England Wildflower Society for over five years, but I've known about it since childhood, when my mother filled my ears about it's wonderful Garden in the Woods. This organization has a well established, comprehensive conservation, restoration, education program that reaches out to all ages and institutions and does remarkable things on limited resources. I...


9 hours 30 min ago
5 stars. "I have done USDA funded food safety research among middle school children in the past and find there is a continuing need for education."

Review of NEW ENGLAND WILD FLOWER SOCIETY by juliebroadbent

9 hours 31 min ago
5 stars. Amidst the activity of an bustling suburb of Boston is the hidden gem known as Garden in the Woods. With well kept nature trails that are surrounded by so many beautiful trees, plants, flowers, and ponds, it is a bonus to begin and end your visit to this sanctuary by stopping by the garden shop. The volunteers who work here present a pride of involvement that makes you want to get invo...

Review of Kidpower Teenpower Fullpower International (known as Kidpower) by ZGladstone

9 hours 57 min ago
5 stars. Kidpower is a wonderful organization, and provides age-appropriate, upbeat and positive training in safety skills for people of all ages. Merely thinking and talking about safety problems can create a lot of anxiety, and in Kidpower they combat that anxiety by focusing on positive practice and relevant skills. The leaders in this organization have consulted experts in the fields of edu...


10 hours 14 min ago
5 stars. LosPadres ForestWatch deserves high praise for their work in the conservation and protection of our forest lands. With a small staff and a dedicated group of volunteers this professionally managed organization advocates, educates, and monitors activities in our forest areas along California's Central Coast. The job they do is significant in maintaining the integrity of our forests. The...

Review of Athens Area Citizens for the Arts by Kellea T.

10 hours 43 min ago
5 stars. This is a great organization who's sole purpose is to keep the Arts at the forefront of the Athens community.

Review of Cars for Kids by tachargois

10 hours 48 min ago
5 stars. My wife and I thought this would be an awesome way to help kids and find a home for a trusted longtime family vehicle. The process for donation was effortless and all documentation required for taxes provided. Thanks for what you do~~!


10 hours 55 min ago
5 stars. If you care about forests, lakes and streams; if you enjoy clean water, fresh air, and bird songs; if the conservation of our natural environment is important to you, then you'll agree with me that Huron Pines in northern Michigan is a Michigan treasure. Huron Pines is a small organization that does big things, from supporting our Kirtland's Warbler as it comes off the endangered speci...


11 hours 6 min ago
5 stars. "They provide free quality materials for our use as we educate the public about food safety issues. We, like most organizations, are on very limited budgets now and would have a very hard time doing our job without their help."

Review of CJ Acres Animal Rescue Farm by tjennings

11 hours 26 min ago
5 stars. I have been a volunteer with the farm since January 2014 and have loved every minute of it. The animal residents are so very taken care of by Lee Sackett, caregivers and the steady volunteers. I am there twice a week, sometimes more, and consider the sanctuary my happy place :). These animals came from neglect, abuse and/or abandonment and now live a care free life filled with lots of ...