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Review of Mission4Maureen by Ann_79

3 hours 6 min ago
4 stars. Mission4Maureen really took a financial burden off my chest as I wasn't able to work for about 4 months. The response I felt was overwhelming for me. I felt like I had know the people for a long time. They are a very caring group. Being diagnosed with a brain tumor has enough stress in it self. This mission is unbelievable. I greatly appreciate them.

Ann Barkie


3 hours 6 min ago
1 stars. Unfortunately, the Board has decided to cease all 'public' meetings or general members meetings. There has not been a meeting for members for almost a year. The Board 'tries' to meet once a month, Sadly, this is a closed meeting. No minutes are available, no detailed financial reports available for over 2 years. Simply a 'report' that states "TOOK IN" "SPENT".... no detailing on expend...

Review of Bhumi by Dineshdino

3 hours 27 min ago
5 stars. well it all started two years back where a friend of mine told me about bhumi... just joined out of curiosity to know what actually happening in this organisation... i still remember my first day of my class perplexed without knowing what to do, but the way my kids treated and welcomed me i was overwhelmed.. now bhumi has become my second family, i spend most of the time with these peo...

Review of Austin Dog Alliance by Robin94

3 hours 35 min ago
5 stars. My Australian Shepherd Jake and I are lucky to be able to volunteer with this organization. Through the training they provided us we were able to become a certified complex level team. We now visit an elementary school in Manor ISD. Some of the students we visit some first graders that we are helping learn to read- they love snuggling up to Jake. We also spend time with the "Life Skill...

Review of Mission4Maureen by AYCarlucci

3 hours 39 min ago
5 stars. Mission4Maureenwas a blessing to find. Our daughter was diagnosed with an ependymoma
brain tumor which no one knew was in her head. Until she experience severe headaches.
After suffering a seizure she was rushed to 2 different hospitals . Arriving to Westchester Medical where there they saved her life. We were began receiving hospital bills ,medication bills her rehabilitation expenses a...

Review of Bhumi by srividya.ase

3 hours 45 min ago
5 stars. My two years with Bhumi has been the best phase in my life; I so eagerly await every weekend of every month to get to meet the children and my co-volunteer friends...The thought that my contribution is towards these children's betterment is so self-satisfying...I have learnt a lot from these kids too in turn...I feel so good about myself and I have indeed become a better person after j...

Review of Bhumi by vc_harish

3 hours 54 min ago
5 stars. One of my friend informed me about BHUMI and I knew from the start that it was the right platform to give something back. It has definitely Been a life changing experience so far. At first it was jus a matter of spending a couple of hours with the kids but slowly it became a kind of an addiction. Evey single volunteer will wait the entire week for the weekend, Not to party with friends...

Review of Mercy Housing Northwest by markbjorndal

3 hours 56 min ago
5 stars. My mother lives in Mercy housing PNW and the place that she lives in is so nice and comfortable, the area is safe and the neighbors are all very kind. My mom has been treated and is still treated with great respect as are the others and with dignity.

When something goes wrong in the house, the maintenance man comes over as soon as possible to fix the problem and it is accomplished not o...

Review of Habitat For Horses Inc by Denise_in_Galveston

4 hours 30 min ago
5 stars. Habitat for Horses does the impossible, they take in abused, starved horses and donkeys that need 24 hour a day care both medically and psychologically and bring them back to life. I have seen horses that were nothing more than bags of bones months later healed, happy and healthy go off to a good home. Many do not know that Habitat for Horses acts as defenders in court for those that h...


4 hours 36 min ago
5 stars. The Eagle River Historical Society is poised to open a new, and second, museum in this small community of 1500 people. That alone is an accomplishment, but when the time frame from conception to completion is only a year, it becomes that much more so. As a small organization with limited resources building occurred in phases, as funding became available. The support of the community ha...

Review of USACFA, publishers of CF Roundtable by paigerussell48

4 hours 43 min ago
5 stars. I heartily second everything Laurie W, my sister, has just written in her review! The CF Roundtable is compelling reading and a gift that keeps us informed and connected to the wonderful CF community.
A very hard-working group of volunteers produces this excellent newsletter.


5 hours 2 min ago
5 stars. Officials estimate that there are 990 homeless youth and young adults living on the North Shore of Boston. This includes individuals who are living on the streets, "couch surfing" from house to house, living in a homeless shelter with chronically homeless adults, recently discharged from foster care, and those who are estranged from family or have left unsafe home situations. Whatever ...


5 hours 7 min ago
5 stars. The Ann Arundel County Literacy Council activities have a profound influence on the clients who want to read and write. Opportunities open to those who become literate. All this is done with a corps of volunteers.

Review of Wounded Warrior Project by randymullet

5 hours 10 min ago
5 stars. WWP has helped in so many ways. They have done so many positive things for me and my family. They all truly care about the wounded warriors in the program.

Review of USACFA, publishers of CF Roundtable by Laurierussellw

5 hours 20 min ago
5 stars. I am an avid reader and follower of the CF Roundtable publication. My cousin's wife has been active member of this organization for almost 25 years.. I have been reading this newsletter for many,many years. I am often humbled by the stories, poems, and pictures of people dealing with CF every day. What I especially have appreciated is how my knowledge has increased over the years. I si...

Review of HOPE FOR ANIMALS by Marlene L.

5 hours 20 min ago
5 stars. I had my dog spade and all of their shots and health check ups there. Everyone has always been wonderful to me and my furry friend. Thank you for making ownership possible for people on low and fixed incomes.


5 hours 20 min ago
5 stars. The Wolf Conservation Center is the best Non Profit organizations ever. I have been a volunteer for over 10 years and learn something every time I go there. They are all about education and teaching the public about Wolves and the role they play in nature. You get a chance to see real wolves and if you are lucky enough you get a chance to see endangered Mexican and Red Wolves. It is ve...

Review of HOPE FOR ANIMALS by Jennifer317

5 hours 37 min ago
5 stars. Had my cat spayed here. Great staff and great community service! This place does a catch and release programto keep ferral numbers doen as well as very low cost barn cat spay/neuter.

Review of Kevs Foundation by T. Scott C.

5 hours 49 min ago
5 stars. What a great group . Committed to making a difference one life at a time. So proud of what they have accomplished in such a little time.

Review of HOPE FOR ANIMALS by Ellyn T.

5 hours 55 min ago
5 stars. Hope did a great job with both of my cats
Great staff !!