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Updated: 51 weeks 3 days ago

Assad to make rare speech as Syrian rebels draw nearer

Sat, 2013-01-05 16:51
It will be Assad's first public comments since November

Sudan, South Sudan agree once again to set up buffer zone

Sat, 2013-01-05 14:02
No time frame for the demilitarised zone along disputed border to be set up

Syrian army rockets Damascus rebel district

Sat, 2013-01-05 12:27
As a conflict that has killed 60,000 people shows no sign of abating, Syria's deputy foreign minister visited Iran, seeking to maintain the support of Assad's main regional ally

Sectarianism will prolong instability in Iraq - Saudi Arabia

Sat, 2013-01-05 07:06
Street protests across Iraq's Sunni heartland have strained the state's fragile political balance and renewed fears of sectarian strife