Jan 14, 2014

Network for Good’s Good Card® Rewards Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Carolina Employees

Case study showcases how BCBSNC uses charity gift cards to enable employees to connect with the charity of their choice​.

Washington, DC - January 14, 2014 - BCBSNC, a health care insurance provider for 3.7 million people, uses Network for Good’s charity gift card - The Good Card® - to encourage its employee base to donate to its employee-led Blue PAC. The company has a culture of community involvement—since 1997, employees have logged hundreds of thousands of volunteer hours, a value of +$6 million in donated time.

Network for Good’s Good Card® is an inspiring way for companies to incorporate charity into corporate political action committees (PACs). From Hewlett-Packard (HP) to Blue Cross Blue Shield North Carolina (BCBSNC), companies in all industries use these charity gift cards to foster employee engagement.

“BCBSNC’s use of the Good Card is new and exciting,” said Bill Strathmann, CEO of Network for Good. “Adding charity rewards to the PAC model will simultaneously increase employee engagement and the company’s impact.”

A new Network for Good case study showcases BCBSNC’s Blue PAC program and highlights how charity rewards foster employee loyalty and engagement. BCBSNC annually matches each employee’s contribution—up to $5,000—with a Good Card. More than a tchotchke, this card allows employees to donate to the charity of their choice, allowing employees to spend their rewards on causes that are personally relevant and meaningful.

“It’s a win-win for our employees [because they] direct corporate funding to a nonprofit that makes a difference to them,” explained Kristy Kent, BCBSNC’s program manager for community relations.

Key case study findings include:

Good Cards enable employees to donate to their chosen charities. Many companies direct charitable contributions with little to no employee involvement. With charity gift cards, employees have the opportunity to donate to the cause of their choice. With more than 1 million charitable options, the causes that BCBSNC’s employees can support are endless.

Good Cards help to deepen employees’ community involvement. Adding the Good Card to its existing Blue PAC program allows BCBSNC to recognize individual giving. It also lets employees make an additional impact on their communities independent of local politics and policies. For more information, visit http://www.networkforgood.org/insights.

About Network for Good
​Network for Good is a social enterprise that empowers corporate partners and nonprofits to unleash generosity and advance good causes. Network for Good works with companies to help refine a cause strategy perfectly suited to business and philanthropic goals and implement effective cause initiatives powered by our proven donation platform. We have processed nearly $1 billion in donations for more than 100,000 nonprofits since our 2001 founding by AOL, Cisco, and Yahoo. For more information, visit http://www.networkforgood.org/partner.